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Do you want to become a Pro at Retouching & Color Grading?

What most photographers don’t realize is that learning the camera and lighting is only half the battle when becoming a professional photographer. The other half of the equation is learning how to properly retouch and color grade your images. In this course, I am going to teach you my best techniques for frequency separation, dodge and burn, retaining the details on the skin, my color grading techniques and much more.

This course is for you if......


You feel that your retouching doesn’t get natural-looking results.


You struggle with color grading your images & enhancing colors


You want to be able to smoothen the skin to achieve a clean look

Imagine you could...

Create a flawless skin with your retouching without changing how your subject looks

Know exactly what tools to use to color grade your images to better tell your story

Be confident that you can make anyone look their absolute best with your retouching


This is what that could do for you....

Increase the value of your images and brand

Increase your prices. Once your value increases, so can your price

Few years ago...

I went from retouching images

like this

to this


Now you can too.

I'll show you...

My complete process to achieve fantastic results every time

Everything you need to upgrade your retouching skills from advanced skin smoothing, getting the perfect skin tones, not only showing you how I color grade my images but showing you different tools you can use to color grade and much more 

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